Massachusetts is the most favorable state to bring a cigarette smoking personal injury case

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Two rulings by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court – Haglund v. Philip Morris and Evans v. Lorillard — have made Massachusetts the best state in the nation to hold cigarette makers responsible in court for the decades of damage they have done.

Since late 2018, several trials in Massachusetts have concluded with verdicts in favor of plaintiffs resulting in more than $100 million in liability for cigarette companies.

The Center is working with the families of ailing and deceased smokers to pursue new tobacco litigation in Massachusetts.  Learn more about these decisions.

   We are a non-profit organization seeking justice for victims of the tobacco industry as part of a public health strategy. If cigarette smoking has hurt your family in Massachusetts and you want more information, please complete this form and one of our attorneys will contact you.  Or, if you prefer, call us at: 888-991-8728.  Any information provided will be kept confidential.


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